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Become a HypnoCell® Specialist

Specify your skills in hypnosis on different topics.

You can further your education in our online academy from the comfort of your home.

Educate yourself and specialize for your niche! Our lessons are professionally filmed, and the teaching style is fresh, knowledgeable, and fun. We deliver high-quality audiovisual content, complete with homework and knowledge checks to ensure you have absorbed the information.

Moreover, our online forum provides an invaluable platform for connecting participants from around the world, where instructors can provide answers to questions as they arise – giving everyone access to learning resources that track progress every step of the way!

Welcome to OMNI Hypnosis Training Center!

We are passionate about providing you the highest quality hypnosis training.

You can choose from live training, online training, or a combination of both, as well as several Continued Education programs. All of our courses and trainings are designed to accompany you in becoming a great assistant for anyone who wishes to experience quick results in one’s transformation process through hypnosis.

Following OMNI Hypnosis Training – in fact, already after the successful completion of the first module of our training – you will be able to use hypnosis highly effectively with your clients and patients. (And for yourself, of course!).