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Looking to break into the growing field of Hypnosis at the cellular level?

With Barbara Scholl as lead instructor, OMNI Academy offers the comprehensive HypnoKids® training with everything you need to get certified and start helping kids ant teens unlock their potential.

In our exclusive online training program, you will be equipped with valuable skills that are specific to your work with children and adolescents. You will be able to use HypnoKids® in your practice immediately after certification.

Join us now for the opportunity to become a Hypnokids® Specialist.

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Harness the power of HypnoCell® to help your body unlock its full potential for powerful and accelerated recovery.

In this comprehensive online seminar, you’ll get a deep dive into the subject of how hypnosis on a cellular level helps erase traumatic memories and blockages that may be hindering progress in healing from injuries or diseases such as cancer, tumors, and autoimmune issues.

Get ready to form an unstoppable team with your mind and subconscious – achieving maximum health benefits along the way!

Get certified in HypnoCell® and learn how to help recover fast

Here are some reasons, why you should choose HypnoCell®

With OMNI HypnoCell®, you can establish a harmonious bond between body, mind and spirit to experience enhanced recovery in your system.

Our process even goes beyond the cellular level by modulating stress down at the DNA and telomere level!

In addition, HypnoCell® helps with such things as relieving injury-related pain or discomfort due to ligament and bone damage, facilitating healing processes before surgery, restoring old scars, curbing burnout, and alleviating medication side effects.

Sports enthusiasts in particular benefit from improved endurance performance.

OMNI HypoCell® Training – Facts.

Are you curious about how to become a OMNI HypnoCell® Specialist? Look no further! Learn all the requirements and associated costs – so that you can take your first steps to get certified as a HypnoCell® practitioner.

Reqirements to start

This training is for hypnocoaches and hypnotherapists and requires a completed basic training with knowledge of a regression technique.

It is an advantage to have been trained as an OMNI hypnotherapist, as parts of the HypnoCell® training are based on OMNI principles.

Investment in your Future

For the great price of US$ 590 you get all the training sessions of the HypnoCell® training. As an OMNI Preferred Member, you save 5% on your purchases and are eligible for faster shipping.

If you are an OMNI Premium Member, you’ll save 10%. Both memberships paying off in the long run – you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

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Erich Walker

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