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Hypnosis Training: 8 live Days in Cairo to your success

At OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Egypt, we aim to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful hypnotherapists. 

This comprehensive hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy program will help you take your therapeutic knowledge to the next level. With successful completion, you will have acquired a wide range of innovative tools and techniques that can help you go beyond the current standards in therapy. Unlock previously unknown possibilities today – sign up now!

Take advantage of our early bird offer until January 23rd 2024.

Next Dates Live Hypnosis Training in Cairo, Egypt

Discover the power of OMNI Hypnosis with acclaimed instructor Hansruedi Wipf.

Accessing a transformative experience is easy and starts when you become an Academy member upon booking your spot for this face-to-face workshop.

Learn how hypnosis can change lives as scheduled sessions proceed each day from 8:30 am to 6.30 pm (+/- 1 hour). A minimum number of seven participants is needed, so make sure not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Price & extras:
Regular Price:
110,000 EGP  

Early Bird Offer: 97,000 EGP
Coffee breaks and mineral water are included in the price.

Take advantage of our early bird offer and save 13,000 EGP until January, 23rd, 2024.

OMNI Hypnosis LIVE Training

Cairo, Egypt

Date: February 24 to March 02, 2024
Instructors: Hansruedi Wipf & Marwa Taher

Location: t.b.a

Take advantage of our early bird offer until January, 23rd, 2024. 

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OMNI Hypnosis LIVE Training

Cairo, Egypt

Date: February 24 to March 02, 2024
Instructors: Hansruedi Wipf & Marwa Taher
Location: t.b.a
Regular Price: 110,000 EGP  
Early Bird Offer: 97,000 EGP

Take advantage of our early bird offer and save 13,000 EGP until January, 23rd, 2024.

OMNI Hypnosis Live Training – Expect nothing but the best.

Our certified training course will provide you with an in-depth exploration of a variety of techniques in order to develop powerful hypnotic tools for professional practice or personal empowerment.

Discover what awaits you in 8 intense days of training!

In just 8 days, OMNI All-in-One Training gives you the power and ability to hypnotize others, as well as enter into a state of trance yourself.

Not only will you learn important facts about what hypnosis is (and isn’t), how it works and its history – but also crucial skills like giving positive suggestions that can improve someone’s self-esteem instantly!

On top of all this, by the end of your studies you’ll be able to proficiently put someone into a deepened state before safely guiding them out again – making sure they’ve gained something from their experience too!

Go beyond the ordinary and discover how to start hypnotizing with just a snap of your fingers!

Unearth ancient, effective techniques in self-hypnosis, such as the sought after OMNI light switch technique.

Plus, you will learn what it takes to be successful when working with children, from knowing their unique needs to anchor suggestions into their subconscious minds deeply.

Not only will you receive all these answers through this hypnosis training, but you will also receive special forms, manuscript kits, and expert tips for marketing yourself as an experienced practitioner.

You will be exposed to some of the most groundbreaking techniques for bringing about positive and lasting changes in your life during this 8-day training.

From exploring regression – a powerful tool that can trigger rapid transformation – through Ultra-Height®/Ultra Healing®, Esdaile state, pain therapy, emergency hypnosis, rebirthing and more; this training will provide invaluable insight into how each approach works.

Upon successful completion of the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International’s hypnotherapy training exam, participants will be awarded a Certified OMNI Hypnotherapist certificate as well as 120 hours’ worth of continuing education credits (which are also valid for other organizations offering CEUs).

They’ll additionally receive an IBHEC Certificate from the USA and complimentary one-year membership fee.

As if that wasn’t enough, those who complete all Basic to Advanced modules in this program can apply online at and earn their National Guild of Hypnotists Diploma – making them part of one global community with unlimited potential!

OMNI Hypnosis LIVE Training – Facts.

Are you curious about how to become a part of OMNI Hypnosis Training? Look no further! To take your first steps towards mastering hypnosis, learn all the requirements and associated costs here.

Reqirements to start

Hypnotic talents are not restricted by age; anyone 18 years or older, regardless of background or level of education, can discover the transformative power of hypnosis by taking our specialized training course.

This program is designed to teach you hypnotic techniques from square one.

Invest into your Future

For our Early bird offer of only 97,000 EGP (Regular Price: 110,000 EGP), you can have access to all prerecorded videos to refresh your knowledge every time after your live training.
You will also get access to our online forum, where you can interact with other participants and ask questions that OMNI instructors will answer.

Your OMNI Instructors

Marwa Taher

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Hansruedi Wipf

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